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How to Make Your 'Land For Sale' Photo Look Sexier than a Sears Catalog Model

If you are serious about drawing attention to your land real estate listing, you better have great pictures.

And good photography is all in the preparation, lighting and camera angle. Whether selling a bathing suit, a car or a slice of land, potential buyers are first attracted to the photography. Unless you have the narrative skills of Ernest Hemmingway, your prospect's first and strongest impression will be visual.

Think about it. First impressions are always visual and emotional, then we dive into the cognitive aspects of a product -- the product being something that is the object of a decision, a choice we make. Experts say first impressions are virtually sealed within one second. Some will say within mili-seconds.

If Ford or Maybelline is deliberative enough to spend $300,000 to create a 30-second TV commercial, you need to devote more than 5 minutes with an IPhone camera.

Give your land a boost. Give it your bet shot.

Too many "land for sale" pictures feature photographs taken at street level with little context. Just a cluster of trees at eye-level. The photograph of some land looks as if it could have been taken anywhere in the State of New Jersey -- or even West Virginia.

The camera angle on the picture to the right appears to say nothing about the property. It looks like the realtor or owner was in a hurry and gave no thought to the photography, which is the very first impression.

For the most effective shots, I like elevation and persceptive to give the property context.

The camera angle on the picture to the left was shot at 150 feet using a drone with a high definition lens. The sun was starting to lower, but the time of day was well before dusk. The correct position of the sun behind the camera allowed the early fall colors of the foliage to "pop". The colors are an autum rainbow.

Professional marketers take the time and spend the money to ensure their products shine. Serious sellers and marketers of raw land should also act accordingly.

Insist on the best photography you can afford.

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