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   Your guide to land     approvals, so sellers  can sell and buyers
 can build.

 Hundreds of “land for sale” listings die   each year, mostly because the process     is confusing and expensive. 


 This site teaches you how to get     approvals and permits so you can sell –       or buy and build the house of your         dreams. 

For buyers of land, we take the

guesswork and risk out of the buying process.  For sellers, we add value to the land and speed up the sale.

For Buyers who want to Build a Home

The Five Obstacles to Approvals
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Permits Office
For Sellers of Land
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       Land is not necessarily money in the bank.  It was at one point in time, but not always today. 


       Contrary to popular wisdom, owning most land for extended periods of time is often a foolish investment idea.  New Jersey property taxes are the highest in the nation and they can destroy the economic feasibility of land as an investment.

      The fabled American writer Mark Twain once quipped, “buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.  He understood the economic concept of future scarcity, but the guy who invented Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn lived in a different time and place.

Solutions Blog: Learn How to Get Land Approvals

          This blog will offer solutions to anyone who wants to sell, buy or improve vacant land.  It is filled with practical, “how to” articles. 


          With some patience and research, sellers will learn how to get higher prices without listing a property forever.  Buyers will learn how to structure purchases and create a near-perfect living environment.


          Vacant land being sold “as is” or with some vague representation is worse than a used car being sold on a corner lot.  At least with a used car, you can spend thirty bucks for a CARFAX report.  This is not so with land.


          The five stumbling blocks (Pinelands Commission, Permits Office, Protection Agency, Professionals & Paper) can be daunting – but the Naked Land Guide Blog will provide a variety of practical tools for you to arrive at your goal.

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